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Find the spread below that resonates with your concern and I'll be happy to help you

Recently retired or planning to retire, and wondering what’s next for you?

Where you are now

What you are looking forward to

What are you afraid of

How to achieve what you want to do

What challenges you face

What is in store over the next few months

How to cope with physical changes as you get older

How you see yourself now

How others see you

How to improve your self confidence

How to overcome the challenges of physical changes

What action to take


Ready to have more fun?

Where you are now

Actions to take to have more fun

How to achieve this

Challenges to face

How to empower yourself to have more fun

Where to look for more fun

How you can have more fun in the next few months

Divorce / Separation

Where you are now

Lessons learnt from the past

How to move forward

How to overcome obstacles

How to let go of hurt

How to empower yourself

What the next few months holds in store

How to find new love

Where you are now

What you are looking for in a partner

What you are looking for in a healthy relationship

What you need to do to attract new love

What you need to let go of

Where you will find new love


Getting back with your partner

Where you are now 

What past experience can you use to help you in the future

What you are looking forward to in this new start

What you are afraid of

What challenges lie ahead in your new life

How you can help to ensure the success of your future

Where you are in the relationship 

The outcome for your future happiness

Caring for family members and being overwhelmed

Where you are now

How can you delegate some responsibility?

What actions you need to put in place

What challenges you need to overcome

Lessons learnt from the past

The way forward

Feeling lost now the children have left home

Where you are now

What actions to take to feel less lonely

How to overcome the feeling of not being needed

How to empower yourself

What to do to help your partner understand

What to do together

How to go forward