Crone Tarot
embracing mid life


"Croning" is a rite of passage into an era of wisdom, freedom, and personal power

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I am proud to be a “crone” - a woman of a certain age and love the life that I’m experiencing now. 

It’s about believing that life isn’t over yet and that there are still a myriad of things to try and new paths to forge. 

It’s about embracing your life experience to date and having the confidence to be able to see what suits you and what doesn’t; who fits into your life and who doesn’t.

It’s about humour and the ability to laugh at yourself. It’s about confidence and self-esteem and above all it’s about living joyfully as we advance into older age.

I offer email tarot readings (or face to face in my area) that aim to empower you in this transformative period called mid-life and encourage you to dance like nobody’s watching and sing like no-one is listening. 

(Even if you are not at this point in your life yet, I am happy to read for you too!)


I am an intuitive tarot reader who aims to empower and give you confidence on your path forward through this thing known as mid-life.

If you haven't yet reached this fabulous era, don't worry, I'm happy to read for you too, utilising my intuition and life experiences.

I will answer your question(s) and email you a written transcript of the tarot reading with a photo of the cards in your spread, within 7 days.

Please choose from the different types of readings below and I look forward to helping you.

tarot reading email reading custom spread

Just for You!

This spread will be designed to answer your question/s regarding a certain topic and is created uniquely for you.

Fill in the contact form with your question(s) and I will be in touch with you to clarify the spread I will design
for you.

tarot card new year tarot spread birthday tarot spread email reading

An in-depth spread designed to take you through the year:

What lessons to take from last year
What to focus on in the new year
What to look out for
Health • Finances/Career
Emotional • Spiritual
What to expect each quarter
The year overall

crone tarot multiple tarot readings online email tarot readings

Keep connected throughout the year!
One full length reading of your choice followed by a specifically designed 5-card reading for you every following three months, for a year, to enable you to continue your tarot journey. Total of 4 readings (value $140) for only $110

Three Readings a Year
Three 5-card readings designed specifically around your question(s) for you every 4 months. Total of 3 readings (value $105) for only $95

tarot card gift voucher for online tarot readings

Gift a Friend

Give a gift of a reading - gift vouchers available for any of the spreads
shown here.

Contact me and I will happily send you a digital voucher or email it directly to your friend.

My refund policy outline is at the bottom of the page.

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Biddy Tarot certified reader badge


Originally from the UK, I came to South Africa 26 years ago and now call it home. I live in a semi-desert area known as the Karoo which covers a vast area and fills me with joyful energy being surrounded by such ancient lands and wide open spaces.

I love eating and drinking, cooking, reading, music, art, writing and travel (which I combine in a travel blog and website I also practice yoga regularly which keeps me sane! 

I was first gifted a set of tarot cards in my teens and I’ve always found tarot to be a tool for empowerment and helping with decision making, not fortune telling. I am constantly amazed by the accuracy of the cards and it would be a privilege to read for you.

I am a certified tarot reader and member of TABI (Tarot Association of British Isles).


website design South Africa digital design

Website Design

When not reading tarot, I am a website designer for small businesses and it's also something I love to do.

I have created websites for accommodation, artists, selling craft online and of course, my own websites. 

Maybe you would like to create a tarot or esoteric website and are looking for someone who is on the same path and won't judge. I would be so happy to help you as it is completely in tune with who I am and what I believe in!

Rates depend on the size of the website and what you supply in terms of copy, images and input. I am very happy to help with copywriting and sourcing content. 

Whatever your business let me know if I can help by contacting me via the form below and we can chat!




Fill in the form below with your enquiry, or which spread you are interested in,
and I will be in touch so that I can find out a little bit about you before doing the reading.

Also please use this form for website design enquiries.

There is no obligation to go further (with either service) if you feel we're not a fit!

I look forward to hearing from you.

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I will give a full refund if for any reason I am unable to do your reading due to illness or personal circumstances not allowing it.

If you change your mind after payment, please email me immediately and I will refund you prior to doing the reading.

No refunds will be issued if you do not like your reading for any reason, as I cannot be held responsible for your reaction to the reading.