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I am passionate about tarot and absolutely love to do readings either by email or face to face.

I am also passionate about layout and design and have combined my two loves by creating downloadable products such as tarot worksheets, gift cards and affirmation cards available to order online.

I also publish tarot books on Amazon and feel honoured to be able to help people on their tarot journey through using my workbooks, notebooks and planners. Check out my publications here!

Croning is a rite of passage 

into an era of wisdom, freedom,

and personal power

- Anonymous


I am an intuitive, mature tarot reader who aims to empower and give you confidence to move forward positively.

I offer tarot readings via email and Zoom (at a time that suits us both), or personally in Knysna and surrounding areas.

I will do the email reading, on receipt of payment, and will email you a written transcript of the tarot reading with a photo of the cards in your spread, within 7 days.

I am a certified tarot reader and member of TABI (Tarot Association of British Isles).

The tarot cards shown here are taken from The Dark Mansion Tarot by Taroteca Studio

My refund policy outline is at the bottom of the page.

The future belongs to those
who believe in the beauty
of their dreams

- Eleanor Roosevelt


Oh my, I have never received a Tarot reading of such positivity, encouragement and hope. It has given me the confidence to keep moving forward with my dream and plans!  I am actually blown away, in a very good way!
Victoria I find you truly gifted in what you do. I am so grateful for this reading.  I am going to read it every day. From my Heart to Yours - Denise, USA
Thank you so much for the reading. It's super detailed and thorough. It resonates a lot and is definitely helpful. So a huge thanks again, in particular for the last reading with the other tarot deck to confirm the love path - Julie, France

I have tried others for readings, but think you are the best and want to continue to support your practice - Patricia, USA

Thank you so much for the fabulous reading. Your whole layout is beautiful and the information flows perfectly. I appreciate the conclusion where you wrap things up with reminders of what I need to do and remember to proceed along my path. The way you weave the cards with each other makes me happy when I read (and re-read), and feel that *I can do it* and I'm stronger than I think! I really appreciate the uplifting messages from the Tarot, thanks again - Kimberly, USA

Thank you so much for my reading. One of the things I love about tarot is that it confirms your own thoughts, understandings, and intuition; this reading did just that and really resonated with me. Thank you again, and thank you for the affirmations - I love it! - Peggy, USA
Victoria, thank you for the reading and as you say in the conclusion it is "quite a spread", but I must say you have done a wonderful job in breaking it down for me section by section - like a very good country folk soup, where there is actually more eating in it than drinking. I know I will be reading your document for a while to come, only because your detail is resonating with me and I also say this to you, because of the effort I can see you have taken to put across the messages in a clear and concise way........really it is very much appreciated - Tom, Ireland
Thank you Victoria. You are amazing - Anna, Italy

Thank you so much Vix! I don’t know where to start, so I start by saying that your reading made me happy and grateful. It was really accurate! All of it - Liza, Sweden


This reading really resonated with me! Thank you so much! - Shai, USA

Wow Vix! What an amazing read. It resonates with me perfectly. I definitely do need to take a step back and look at my life and my decisions from a different angle. Thank you so much for your read I appreciate it with all my heart. Lots of love - Jenine, South Africa

Firstly thank you very much for this excellent tarot interpretation. all the questions you answered, gave me a different perspective to look at all the problems I had today. Sometimes we are more focused on something, and unfortunately, it is hard to see ahead, but you have helped me to look at my problems from the outside thanks to your magnificent ability. Your comments were really valuable to me. you are quite capable of recognizing the messages your tarot cards give you and transmitting to the other side. I wish you success in this way. Hope you help many people. I wish you a happy life - HND, Turkey

Thank you for the reading. Somethings really did run true e.g I’ve changed my career to something I’m really passionate about but I do really need to start believing in myself more. Thank you so much, you're very gifted! - Jade, UK

Very thorough and easy to understand. Thank you so much for the added clarity you have given me - Ericka, USA

It is incredible how every single word and sentence resonates and speaks to me. It is extremely descriptive Like my subconscious talking to me...  You pointed out kindly but loud and clear what I really needed to hear. Your reading is Such a positive experience and thank you so much! - PK, UK

Thank you so much for this Vix I will read this is few times to absorb it - Pip, UK

Thank you so much for the reading. I actually printed this reading out and stuck it into my journal as it really resonated with me! Your tone was loving and professional and your delivery was brilliant. I would recommend you to anyone (and already have told others of this positive experience!) - Matthew, UK

Thank you so much for taking the time to put together a spread that would help me become a bit more enlightened about my current path. I've read this several times and also shared this with my husband. You touch on things that I didn't necessarily mention but, does come into play with the decision and opportunities that are in front of me. Your reading was very thorough and complete. After reading my result I was left with no questions because everything was beautifully written. Again, thank you so much for your time - Cheryl, USA

The reading gave me a lot of insight into my situation, was extremely helpful to me and provided a lot of value! I would absolutely recommend you as a Tarot Reader to others! - Roxanne, USA

'I am proud to be a “crone”
- a woman of a certain age -
and love the life that I’m
experiencing now'


Originally from the UK, I came to South Africa 30 years ago and happily call it home. I live by the sea which fills me with spiritual energy and joy to be surrounded by water and the verdant, green nature of the area.

I was first gifted a set of tarot cards in my teens and I’ve always found tarot to be a tool for empowerment and helping with decision making rather than fortune telling. I am constantly amazed by the accuracy of the cards and it would be a privilege to read for you.

To be able to communicate at
a soul level with another human being
is the biggest treasure of the
physical dimension. 

- James Van Praagh


Please email me with your question and I will be in touch so that I can find out a little bit about you, before doing the reading or designing a custom spread. 


I will give a full refund if for any reason I am unable to do your reading due to illness or personal circumstances not allowing it.

If you change your mind after payment, please email me immediately and I will refund you prior to doing the reading.

No refunds will be issued if you do not like your reading for any reason, as I cannot be held responsible for your reaction to the reading.

Biddy Tarot certified reader badge


Member of TABI (Tarot Association of British Isles)